Megan Buckley

Success Mindset Coach


BELLE, Entertainment Industry Professional

I was able quickly get to resolution and understanding in what I believed about my grief for my mother who passed... I'm able to access the joy in my heart  because of the work that we do together and that's really a gift that you cannot look past.

SARA, Massage Therapist

Hypnotherapy not only helped me get clear on what I was stuck on, Megan helped me make a decision that's been ailing me for a while. She put me at ease and helped make a difficult decision...easy.

RYAN, Gym Owner & Fitness Professional

My biggest problem was knowing my attraction strategy and love strategy and knowing my values in relationship... now I have my non-negotiable and boundaries. Moving forward I'm very confident that who I'm with is going to be someone that's actually meant for me!

KIMBERLY, Stay at home mom

Megan was able to help me get a new perspective. I was pretty set in my ways and really felt like I was right! She was able to help me see someone else's point of view.... also to see that we both had the same intention and were working towards the same goal which really opened my eyes.